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Featured Artist Stephanie Bagwell Wilmington NC

Stephanie Bagwell is featured in Wilmington Business Journal's 2024 Book on Business. In that publication you can read about her and several other artists around Wilmington.

Stephanie Bagwell started her art career young when she was painting on the walls using her mother's lipstick. She has been a professional artist for 10 years. She began her career teaching adults private and group art lessons. 5 years of teaching brought her to starting a commission business. She began painting custom murals, pet portraits, and house portraits. She even did live wedding paintings for a few years, but ultimately decided that weddings interfered with her personal life a little too much as she hardly had any weekends to spend with her family.

Now, she lives on the East Coast and her collections feature oceans and seascapes as she explores texture, mixed media, and the endless possibilities of a blank canvas. Her works are modern yet classical, fine tuned but also loose and free, making each piece unique. She works with many modern and contemporary interior designers on the coast to create custom pieces for high end clients. A lot of her personal projects are inspired by her youth of growing up fishing with her brother on the sound.

You can see her work in person at several galleries in NC. Her newest collection is selling fast and she is booking business commissions and murals past 2024. Visit her website to get updates on gallery events as well as information on prints and commissions.


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