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Live Painting- The New Wedding Trend

Wilmington NC has always been a premier destination for weddings and events. Recently there has been a huge increase in demand for unique wedding venues and vendor options for the thousands of couples who get married in this unique coastal city every year. Along with the increase in weddings, there has also been an increase in demand for special event painters. These artists come out to the ceremony or reception and paint the scenery of the big day during the event. Guests have such a fun time watching, as the artist creates a masterpiece right in front of their eyes. When the painting is finished the bride and groom get to take home a beautiful memory that they can cherish for years to come. Wedding painters are few and far between, so they get booked for the year pretty quickly. Live event painters are for every style of wedding- they can capture outdoor garden ceremonies, intimate backyard weddings, or elegant ballrooms.

Stephanie Bagwell is the only premier wedding artist located directly in Wilmington. She can meet for site visits prior to the event. Contact her today for a quote!

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